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President's Message

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As we begin to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, we need to take a deep breath and reflect for a moment on how far we have come during the chaos of 2020. As your President, I am extremely grateful to ALL of you for your patience and understanding during the transition from what we knew as “normal life” to what I now call “Covid Crazy.”

I know many of you have been frustrated with the Zoom format for classes, while others have been pleased with being able to take class from the comfort and safety of your own homes or offices. We, at ISIADA, firmly believe that Idaho dealers get more out of the in-person class experience. The interaction between dealers, and the personal feedback our educator is so good at, is simply not adequate through technological devices, so we are eager to get back to having in-person classes. Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, that does not seem likely because ISIADA is fully committed to doing everything with the safety of the dealer body in mind. At this time, we do not have a facility where we can be in a classroom for a four-hour period of time, even wearing masks and being socially distant, without the fear of possible community spread. So, until we can be fully confident that this deadly virus is under control, we have no other option but to continue with our Zoom classes.

Our virtual election for the 2020-2021 Board of Directors is on November 18, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. and I personally invite each of our Members to join us via Zoom for our Annual General Membership Meeting to vote in the new officers. If you or anyone else you think would be a significant addition to the ISIADA Board of Directors, please reach out to one of your Board members. It is one of our goals to listen to the voices of a wide range of independent dealers who share an interest in leading our industry into the future with consideration, knowledge, and support.

It is my wish for each of you to stay Covid-free, that your businesses be prosperous, and that you end 2020 on a high note—whatever that might be for each of you individually!


Happy Holidays!


Cathy Sexton

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