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Board of Directors

Eddy Christensen 2.jpg

Eddy Christensen
Chairman of the Board
Instant Equity Auto

Dennis Foltz 3.jpg

Dennis Foltz
P&R Auto Sales

Russ Smith 1.jpg

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Kent Lambson
Vice President
Lambson Automotive

Bobby Petersen 1.jpg
Jim White 3.jpg

Bobby Peterson


Education Committee Chairman

Fairly Reliable Bobs

Jim White


Legislative Committee Co-Chairman

White Automotive

Kyle Durham 3.jpg

Kyle Durham

Region 1 President

Legislative Committee Chairman

Dale's Auto Sales

Pat Long 2.jpg

Pat Long

Region 2 President

Long's Auto Sales

Tim Sexton 2.jpg

Tim Sexton

Region 3 President

Sexton's Car Collection

Russ Smith 1.jpg

Russ Smith

Auction Representative

Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho

Russ Smith 1.jpg

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Keri Motley
Region 1 Vice President

Russ Smith 1.jpg

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Riley Richardson
Region 2 Vice President
Riley's Automotive

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